Bells of the Bruce

The Bell Choir History

In 1992, Zion-Amabel United Church, now named Sauble Beach United Church, received a memorial donation of two octaves of handbells donated in memory of Eva O’Rourke and her parents, John and Phoebe Robinson. Joy Patyk started a Bell choir in 1993, and later added a junior group. The two groups were amalgamated in 1997 under the direction of Patricia Spencer. At that time, a third octave of handbells was purchased by the church and three octaves of hand chimes were donated by three church families. The new amalgamation became known as The Bells of the Bruce and wore a uniform of Bruce Plaid vests and/or ties. One highlight of this group was playing at Disney World, Florida in 2003.

Over the ensuing years, the Bells of the Bruce have participated in handbell festivals in Toronto. London, Hamilton, Ottawa and Peterborough with 500 ringers playing in concert. Over the thirty-plus years, the membership has changed but, fortunately, other skilled ringers have been available to carry on. Bells of the Bruce is a group of capable and dedicated ringers.

Interested? If you have a background and an interest in music, please contact us at 519-422-1863, or email:

The Bell Choir in 2003 at Walt Disney World Florida

The Bells of the Bruce Today