6 thoughts on “Thoughts and Smiles – May 17, 2021

  1. Sharon Moore says:

    I agree with Greg, David. Reading your blog Monday (sigh) mornings is a positive way to start each week. Enjoy the pics (like today’s camel friends). I might be the odd one sometimes…smile. Thank you for your lessons on grace and neutrality & for inspiring me to review each life experience with objectivity and appreciation.

    • David Jones says:

      Thanks, Sharon. I have used the format of petitioning prayer and followed this with what one might expect as a divine response. I say “expect” loosely as the message from the Divine is often beyond our expectation of grace, acceptance, and love.
      Your comment is kind and much appreciated. DJ

  2. Nora Quackenbush says:

    Thank you,I am enjoying your Monday morning thoughts and smiles.
    Makes me happy to read them and somethings to think about. Have a good week the weather is going to be great.

    • David Jones says:

      Thank you Nora, I’m so looking forward to the warm sunny days to come – but I still have to brace myself for the Ontario humidity!! Thank your for your kind words.

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