Our Staff

Minister of Worship and Pastoral Care:

The Rev. David Jones ipcress.jones@gmail.com

Let me introduce you to Rev. David – he’s a bit of a wandering soul navigating the ever-expanding maze of the Spirit, occasionally befuddled by God’s Creation and Divine Intentions. But he’s gathered enough life experience to know he can always rely on the providence of God and the grace of Jesus Christ.
(That’s long-winded, but it covers it!) He started work in the Charge in 2021, having the privilege of sharing in team ministry with the late Rev. Tim Reaburn and navigating the twists and turns of church work together.
Our dear David had quite the start – born in the middle of the last century at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Sarnia, Ont. Then, he promptly embarked on an unexpected adventure to Switzerland, discovering a knack for fluent French, a love for cheese fondue, and an unfortunate obsession with those infamous, wallet-draining Swiss timepieces. Who knew a love for watches would come with a side of perpetual financial woes?
Back in Sarnia for high school, he joined High Park United Church, where he famously declared to his minister, “Reverend, I want to do what you do, but only better!” Bold aspirations, indeed.
Off to university, David delved into studies at Wilfrid Laurier University and Queen’s Theological College.
He mastered homiletics and befriended a fellow student, Jan, who became his partner-in-ministry. Life
was a whirlwind of ordination, graduation ceremonies, marriage, and packing up for ordination charges!
For 38 adventurous years out West, this dynamic duo raised not only a family of two daughters, one son,
several cats, and a dog but also many memories across various pastoral charges in Saskatchewan and
Manitoba. David even took a detour from traditional ministry, dabbling in stewarding major gifts for a
hospital foundation and in mental health services, guiding those wrestling with gambling addiction and
other mental health concerns.
Then, an opportunity arose in Ontario, beckoning Jan to spiritual care work at the hospice and the Owen
Sound Hospital. And what do you do when you find a minister lazing about your community? Well, you
rope him back into church work, of course!
When approached about returning to ministry, David sought the Lord’s guidance. And lo and behold, the
divine response echoed, “David, I’m calling you back into Ministry… if you think you can cut it.” To which
David quipped, “Lord, I’ve got it – if you give it!”
And here we are, witnessing the present chapter of his journey.

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Office Secretary: Linda Joch 519-422-1863

Custodian: Dee Dee Seddon