Our Staff

Minister of Word, Sacrament, and Administration:

The Rev. Tim Reaburn reaburn@golden.net

Tim has lived and worked in rural Ontario for most of his life. He currently resides in Sauble Beach on the shores of Lake Huron having grown up and attended school in Chesley. He holds an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Waterloo, a Masters of Theological Studies from Conrad Grebel College and a Masters of Divinity from Emmanuel College. He was ordained by the United Church of Canada in 2001. He is currently sits on the Western Ontario Waterways Region Executive and is General Council Executive representative in addition to sitting on the Board of Directors for the United Church of Canada Foundation.

Beyond the Church he is the Vice President of Carson’s Camp Limited, a seven hundred site camping resort in Sauble Beach. In his spare time he is an award winning jam and preserve maker, musician and collector of antique glass. He believes strongly in the reality that ‘you can take the boy out of the Bruce but you can’t take the Bruce out of the boy!’

Tim is delighted to be able to serve the United Church of Canada through the Hepworth Sauble Beach Pastoral Charge and excited to begin team ministry for the first time in his career.

Minister of Outreach and Pastoral Care:

The Rev. David Jones lpcress.jones@gmail.com

Let’s see…I would describe myself as a wandering soul in the ever-expanding labyrinth of the Spirit – often confused and bewildered with God’s Creation and Divine Intention but with enough life experience to have learned by now that I can always depend on the providence of God and the grace of Jesus Christ. (Maybe a little over the top?)

The Good Lord put me on planet Earth in the middle of the last century upon delivery at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Sarnia, Ont.  Shortly thereafter, my family uprooted to Switzerland (fortunately taking me along) where, in my formative years, I learned to speak French, adopt a liking for cheese fondue, rich dark chocolate, and a penchant for expensive Swiss timepieces… (a passion, I would soon come to know, that is akin to taking a vow of perpetual poverty).

I returned to Sarnia to attend High School and took confirmation and membership at High Park United Church.  In preparation for University, I made an appointment with my home church Minister and began that meeting with the words: “Reverend, I want to do what you do, but only better!” 

It was a short meeting.

He promptly sent me to the Lambton Presbytery, and I began studies at Wilfrid Laurier University then on to Queen’s Theological College.  I learned about homiletics, ecclesiastical history, church doctrine and other obscure theological concepts – but mostly, I gained from that time there the acquaintance of a woman named Jan who would become my wife in May of 1983. That same month, we graduated from College, were ordained into the United Church of Canada, and settled in adjacent pastoral charges in southern Saskatchewan.  It was a busy month.

During the following 38 years, we raised a family – two daughters, one son, several cats and a dog. 

We both served twenty-one years in pastoral ministry in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  I took a few years off from pastoral duties to steward major gift donations for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation.  For the past 12 years, I was employed by the Canadian Mental Health Association, directing a program for those released from correctional facilities on probation order but struggling with addiction and mental health concerns.

An opportunity arose for Jan to take on spiritual care work in both the hospice and hospital in Owen Sound. This was our opportunity to return to Ontario and be closer to where our adult daughters live.

Now when word got around that I was in the community, basically lounging about and doing nothing of any significance, approaches were made for me to consider helping out with the church.  And this brings me to the present, where I am delighted to find myself in a team setting working with the Rev. Tim Reaburn and serving the congregation in the capacity of Minister of Outreach and Spiritual Care.  While we live in this pandemic time of restrictions and constraints, much of my work is conducted over the phone and through email in keeping in touch with the congregation.  So you may have, or soon will have, a call from me to chat, reflect, wonder and speculate, laugh or cry, or recover the art of friendly conversation.  It can happen, and I look forward to meeting you all!   

Organist: Lynda Hammond

Office Secretary: Linda Joch 519-422-1863

Custodian: Dee Dee Seddon