8 thoughts on “Thoughts and Smiles – July 5, 2021

  1. Kate says:

    David, Enjoyed your message today.
    I had received a message from a friend on “Advice between 60 and death ”
    It highlighted a lot of the same things.
    We were commenting on how things were getting “busy” again and not sure we were ready for the “increased pace” after the pandemic.
    Thanks, as always, for you message.

    • David Jones says:

      Thanks, Kate,
      Yes, things may be getting “busy” as we try to return to the ways things used to be. I hope, though, that we may do so with a greater sensibility and wisdom gleaned from the seemingly endless months of lockdown. In some ways, we have all changed, and in the better ways, these may be worthy of retaining.
      Thanks again for your comment.

    • David Jones says:

      Hi Linda,
      Glad you enjoyed them! I come across some doozies sometimes as well as the occasional groan…

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